IOG - Italian Outdoor Group

Italian Outdoor Group - IOG is the association which unites 20 Italian companies which produce, import and distribute clothing and equipment for the outdoors and for mountain sports.

Aims of the Italian Outdoor Group - IOG
Study, promote and act as the aegis, also in collaboration with other bodies, initiatives of all genres which act in the interest of the production and/or distribution of Italian products of "Outdoor" brands and those which operate in this Italian market sectors, such as producers and distributors of ”Outdoor” products (clothing, equipment, footwear and mountain accessories)

Objectives Italian Outdoor Group - IOG
Promote outdoor activities and the mountain sport movement in Italy, both via the end user and clients. Other aims include achieving economic advantages for Associates through agreements with the main trade fairs, as well as an improved market awareness thanks to companies sharing data, experiences and synergies.  

Italian Outdoor Group promotes:

  • the growth of mountain sports
  • initiative and analysis to improve the technical, economic and cultural aspects of Italian "Outdoor" production and distribution
  • the analysis of markets and services used by the associates
  • the obtainment of patents for collective brands and the right for associates to use them
  • the knowledge and increased distribution of products with “Outdoor” brands
  • collaboration with national and international organisations which share the same aims
Italian Outdoor Group

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